One day, a conversation with one of a customer made me a little surprised to learn that some people have doubts and complaints about the results of their garden maintenance.
The customer noticed that the pruning of the contractor he had requested had lost the natural taste at the time of planting, and “Can you maintain the natural atmosphere at the time of planting?”, he asked me questions.

It used to be the technique I finally learned most crazy about, but…
From my subsequent experience, I was skeptical about a general person could judge whether garden maintenance, mainly represented by pruning, was good or bad.

”After all, everyone is unaware of the difference in maintenance quality.”
”What’s important is ‘price’ and ‘polite customer service’, and they don’t really understand “the beauty of pruning” and don’t attach much importance to it.”

If there is a badly wounded and dirty dog on the side of the street, many people may be worried and stop. But if a tree in a garden looks terrible, no one cares about it, and even the owner won’t realize how bad it looks. People in the world are too busy. For many people, the pitiful appearance of trees and other plants around them is not in their eyes, it is a category of unimportant things.

Even now, that idea hasn’t changed much, but since the encounter with that customer, I’ve realized that some people are particular about the “naturalness of pruning” and the “beauty of the finish.”

Simply put, “give me better maintenance.” I also found that such dissatisfaction and giving up remained unimproved. Because there are few contractors who can solve it.