I started my career in 1999 at a landscaping company in Tokyo, which is engaged in landscaping and material production, and wholesale. There, I mainly carried out the design (planning), construction, and maintenance work of private gardens, and also sold landscaping materials, so I spent a busy and intense time.
I started a business independently in 2006 and continues to this day. At the beginning of my independence, I designed, constructed, and maintained the garden, just like in my previous job. Since 2012, I had also been conducting design supervision work to supervise the landscaping plan of large facilities and the faithful execution of the plan.
And there was one turning point in 2018 that made my enthusiasm for garden maintenance even more powerful. That was the task of creating a garden maintenance manual for a large facility I was involved with. And I completed it the following year.
Today, utilizing a wide range of know-how such as design, construction, and maintenance, I am focusing on maintenance, which is the lifeline for the beauty and health of gardens and trees.

1999     Joined a garden design / construction / maintenance / material wholesale company
2006     The founding of the LANDCREATOR
        Perform garden design, construction, maintenance, and supervision work
2012     KAI-Izumo (Japanese-style hotel) in Shimane garden renovation design supervision     
2015     KAI-Kinugawa (Japanese-style hotel) in Tochigi, Landscaping Design Supervision 
2019     KAI-Kinugawa Garden Planting Maintenance Manual Supervision
Qualification    First-Class landscape gardening work operation and management engineer
          Tree doctor, etc