This customer feedback is a response from a customer to whom we have provided maintenance work at least twice.
Respondents are asked to answer a number of questions that we have prepared in advance.
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, M-sama (40s)

I am busy with work on weekdays and am not able to take care of the garden at all, but instead, I ask them to do maintenance 3 to 4 times a year.
I have never hired any other gardener so I can’t compare, but they have always done a very good and careful job. Thanks to that, the view from the living room is always beautiful, and on holidays when the weather is nice, I spend a luxurious time on the wooden deck.
Thank you for your continuous support!

Saitama-shi, Saitama, Y-sama (60s)

Thank you for always being nice to maintaining the garden!
What is always amazing to me is that the natural appearance does not disappear before and after pruning. The atmosphere remains the same but becomes brighter, and after the maintenance, the branches sway pleasantly and a fresh breeze passes through.
The previous gardener cut the tip of the branch into pieces of each tree regardless of the individuality of each tree, which made me feel sorry for them, but now it seems that the tree has regained its original shape and is fine.
My children, husband, and the whole family are delighted!

Nerima-ku, Tokyo, S-sama (50s)

It’s been about 4 years since I got the maintenance for the first time.
In the case of my house, We asked the landscaping constructor, who had the garden constructed at the same time as the house was built, to take care of it for about 20 years, but I had some doubts about the state of work. I mean, I was worried about will they really be doing the appropriate work.
Before asking for work, he politely explained the differences in maintenance and how the trees changed. At that time, I wasn’t sure, but I decided to ask for the time being.
As a result, the garden trees have changed into a very natural atmosphere and their work is always excellent. So my decision to ask them to work was a great answer. At last, I can finally understand the meaning of the initial explanation.
Thank you for your continuous support!

Suginami-ku, Tokyo, A-sama (30s)

I always have them prune the trees in the garden beautifully.
I’m usually busy and can’t take care of the garden, so I’m grateful for their careful work.

Sugimami-ku, Tokyo, F-sama (60s)

I have been indebted to them twice a year for about 15 years. Thank you for always doing beautiful work.
I don’t know the technical details such as the pruning method, but I am grateful that the quality of their work has not changed since I first asked for it. When asked for the first time, I thought their work was beautiful! And I am very impressed that it has continued for a long time until now. I look forward to your continued support of our garden.

Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, U-sama (50s)

We are asking for them to maintain the garden trees every year for more than 10 years. Our house has many garden trees and many large trees, so it is difficult to maintain and it is difficult to handle everything, but they always do their best within the budget. We are always helpful because they can flexibly finish trees of various sizes according to our wishes. And so because they make the garden look very natural, even if we don’t go on a trip, our home feels like we are in nature, making it a very relaxing and relaxing place.